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I AM The Brand

Business Accelerator

Amplifying your dreams into your reality.

Step into alignment with your inner goddess.

Are you sitting on your story, big idea, dream, or purpose? Do you feel like it’s unrealistic, too difficult, or even impossible?

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It’s been a long time of living in a reality of heavy masculine energy creating imbalance for women and the divine feminine in all of us. But, it’s never disappeared. We all have that harmonious divinity within our soul, which is why your purpose cries out.

We have entered a new age

An age of empowerment and collaboration.

A time of coming together to arise the divinity inside you for the greater good.

What’s coming...


Over 30 experts in their respective fields have come together to bring you a powerful vessel for personal and professional growth, nurturing, and empowerment.


Our experts have prepared lessons, guides, technical supports, training, Q&A’s, and resources to reignite that creative fire and push you toward your dreams.

Resources & Tools

Panel discussions, worksheets, live trainings, personal introductions, and practical hands-on approaches to your biggest questions and struggles are at your fingertips.

A Powerful Energetic Shift

90 Days of community, collaboration, nurturing, empowerment, and a force of massive spiritual and energetic focus will be poured over you and your dream.

Why say yes?

+Align with international experts.

+Expand your business network.

+Hone your craft.

+Empower and encourage others.

+Show your feathers--let your light shine.

+Apply specific tools and techniques now.

+Learn applicable skills and strategies

+Brand, market, and advertise in your voice.

+Understand your brand & image.

+Launch your dream.

+Allow your business to fuel your dream lifestyle.

+Learn how to consistently show up without burning out or hating your business.

+Become at ease with your authentic self.

+Grow your business while loving life.

Why this? Why now?

It’s time. Our experts have paved the way and we are ready to watch you shine.

Stepping out into a new way of showing up in the world takes courage. Most of the time, we feel like we are alone; like we have to figure it all out for ourselves. This creates a cycle of


and usually ends up with us never taking consistent action to make our dreams into a reality.

You CAN believe that your vision will become a reality.

You CAN believe that you will have massive success.

You CAN believe that there are others cheering you on.

You CAN believe that the tools you need are available to you.

You CAN believe that others want to support you!

You CAN enjoy your business and your life at the same time.

What we’re doing.

We’re coming together to provide a 90 day container of safety, empowerment, training, mentoring, and support to take you from idea to clients. Even if you have already started and are just feeling stagnant, let us reignite your passion!

90 Days

Each expert is bringing their top expertise to the table via a variety of modalities to suit your learning needs. From videos to worksheets to live Q&A’s and hotseats, we’re here to support you for 90 days!

Panels, Lives, Q&A’s

All of our experts are credible professionals in their fields who have developed tried and true practices that they will be sharing with you. Some, you may know nothing about; others may be a reminder or a refresher. Find out where you need to eliminate, delegate, outsource, or focus your energy to enjoy your business and your life.

30+ Topics & Resources

Woman in a White Sweater Holding a Ukulele while Looking Away

You are limitless.

In a world where we are too often told what we can’t do, it’s time to start showing ourselves and others WHO WE ARE!

University, YouTube, and the internet can get you so far, but what you want are people who have walked in your shoes to show you exactly what your next steps should be.

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How to get started...

Enroll now to save your spot in this sacred creative and empowering container for just $199 USD.

We begin on April 1, 2024. Early bird pricing ends March 15th.

Your business, your dreams, and your purpose don’t deserve a backseat.

Take your dream from hobby to thriving business.

Take your business to the next level!

Love your work AND your life.

It’s time to step into community and move forward into your purpose!

Conversations your craving...

PR, Publicity, and Branding

Content Creation

Canva, Reels, and Social Media

Tech support: putting it all together

Spiritual centering and success mindset

Visibility & Voice

The pro’s and con’s of opportunities from brick & mortar to product creation and distribution to network marketing, affiliate opportunities, and direct sales

Storytelling & media collaboration

The power of organization and ritual

Healthy risks

Letting go to move forward

Authentic playfulness & the inner child

Preventing burnout

Chakra, spiritual and energetic alignment

The nuts & bolts of business

Residual and Recurring Income Strategies

Intuitive Business Strategy

Self-love for success in life and business

Are you ready for a CMO, CFO, and outsourcing?

Navigating change to your advantage

Health, lifestyle, and alignment


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Meet Our Experts

You don’t have to do it alone. We are community.

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Christine Campbell Rapin

Christine is a CEO, Business Strategist, Mentor, and Author who makes business growth elegantly simple by showing you how to attract an audience of buyers, master your marketing message and make offers that deliver valuable RESULTS.”

Francine Juhlin

Author, speaker, and facilitator Francine will teach you how to master the navigation of change with grace and ease so that you can step into the divine warrior within to fulfill your passion and purpose on the planet through personal and professional projects.

Micki Boberg

Micki has built multiple successful teams and businesses with integrity in direct sales, network marketing, and brick & mortar. She will show you how to develop leadership strategies that work for your unique personality and lifestyle.

Brigitte Rawlings

Get Unstuck and Transmute your stored Emotional or Physical Pain, as you go inward on your journey to fulfillment and Manifest your Dreams, Visions and Purpose. From Bodywork to Embodiment, Brigitte has unlocked the doors to true Empowerment.

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Jasmin Bryant

Video is a must and Jasmin will make you feel more confident and become friends with the camera so you can show up in your business ... be visible and vibe with your tribe.​

It's a proven fact, when businesses are visible, you make money!

Don't be the world's best kept secret.

Mihaela Telecan

Author, speaker, and coach Mihaela Telecan shares how she has used energetic and spiritual tools to live the life of her dreams which allows her to work with women to restore their health, relieve pain, regain energy, and empower their bodies to serve them at their highest capacity.

Shoshana Chaim

Having overcome personal and family health scares, successfully created and achieved dream goals in business, and been a published author, Shoshana shares the powerful skill of root cause healing, genuine relationship building and networking for success and empowerment.

Bonnie Hardie

Embrace gratitude and appreciation to unlock levels of awareness, self-love, and success in your life. Bonnie has helped women to overcome fear, walk away from abusive relationships, follow their dreams, and achieve massive goals.

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Cindy Meckler

Cindy isn’t just any Psychic Spiritual Mentor she is the one who will help you️ SHAZAM your Spiritual Gifts & Healing Abilities to break free from trauma, design your life now, & take your client work deeper so that you live in alignment, satisfaction, and purpose in your business. As the founder of Uncommon Healing a Service based online & in-person Business, she has dedicated time in supporting over 200 women deepen their connection to self in the last year. Get ready to unlock your hidden Magic.

Alison Proffit

Alison is a holistic business coach and small business consultant who shares her insights on what it truly means to be a soulful entrepreneur – a journey driven by impact, passion, and purpose--while strategically incorporating sales, pricing, and techniques without overwhelm, confusion, or disconnect.

De’Laija Napier

De’Laija is ready to show you how to create a roadmap for your brand, curate captivating content, foster meaningful engagement, and analyze data to refine your approach. Don’t worry! She offers done-for-you services, but she’s ready to empower you with the tools you need to succeed!

Jennifer Orechwa

Jennifer is an award-winning communicator and marketing strategist who built her company to multi-seven figures before exiting in 2021. Today, as CEO of Salt Marketing, she and her team guide health and wellness practitioners to discover how they can scale their practice, using her proven 5-part framework. Jennifer also hosts the top-rated "Worth Your Salt" podcast, sharing stories of success and exploring the strategies that allow practitioners to break through what holds them back.

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Gresham Harckless Jr

Gresham is an expert in digital marketing, helping you develop laser-focus on the most relevant digital marketing tools to connect with your ideal client and reach your goals.

Maryanne Renzetti

Known for her mad organizational skills and buoyant and passionate soul, Maryanne leads The Systems Queens, a team of 10 savvy and system-minded female Business Systems & Automations experts. Every day, they help business owners to streamline their entire client journey and the systems needed to support it.

Alejandra Marques

Envision a journey where scaling to 7 figures is not a discordant symphony but a harmonious melody. Uncover the strategies that seamlessly integrate growth into your business, creating a rhythm of success without the stress. Alejandra guides entrepreneurs from frustration to time and money freedom.

Janet Sandburg

Janet’s personal and professional journey has gifted her with the capacity to support you in creating a soul-led life NOW by releasing frustration and overwhelm, feel more connected to self and others, welcome love, success, and abundance, and feel encouraged, supported, and confident in your business success!

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Kate Macumber

You have created a business based on your soul purpose, but are you showing up in the world as your powerful, radiant and authentic Self? Does your brand accurately represent your vision? Do you feel confident, clear and cohesive when you share your message? Kate is going to show you how!

Polly Hearsey

Your energy is calling you forward but how are you going to work with it to create, to transform, to expand?

The frustration of working within the known is holding you back, pushing the air out of your lungs and denying your free expression. Polly brings the map and shows you the way!

Anne Rajoo

Anne is an entrepreneur and a mother who understands the fusion and can take you on a journey of creating a harmonious life blend where a seamless structure allows for smooth transitions, helping you shift gears effortlessly and make the most of your time so that you can enjoy both!

Dee Thomasoff

Dee is a Fractional CFO and Profit Strategist helping you unlock your business's full profit potential without working more. She will help you to understand your data, become confident in your pricing and goals, and master sustainable growth and progress.

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Abby Herman

To truly create an impact online and get noticed, you need to be visible. And that means different things for different businesses. The trick is knowing what works for your business and what's best left for someone else. This is where a fractional marketing director comes in. Learn how a Fractional CMO can take marketing off your plate!

Sally Pederson

Author, speaker, and global influencer, Sally inspires us to step out of our self-imposed limitations and into our boundless ambitions, from showing up authentically to living and working abroad, she brings her passion, insight, and cultural knowledge to support you on your dream journey.

Shannon Simmons

Shannon is ready to take you out of financial overwhelm and into the sustainable success you’re striving for. You deserve a profitable business and she delivers by getting you clear on your finances, steering you into profit, and eliminating worry around finances.

Lisa Kanda

How would you like to learn how to establish and grow your online presence to get visible, connect with your ideal client, and use your digital real estate in a strategic, effective way to see results? Lisa takes overwhelming technology and breaks it down into easy, understanding steps that help you succeed!

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Gemma Baxter

You know those people who seamlessly organize, orchestrate, and facilitate all of the operational aspects of a business and make it look easy? That’s Gemma! She wraps her HR & Recruitment, Finance & Banking, Office Management, and Executive Support experiences into the expertise to show you how to execute the overall business strategy and plan for your business.

Samantha Cook

Samantha is a natural minded entrepreneur, digital asset creator, and podcast host who also happens to be a mom of two! She’ll be inspiring you to love and nurture your business as much as she does hers by sharing her own story with you and teaching you the strategies behind five figure months.

Heather Shannon

Could your intimate (or lack of) relationship with your partner be holding you back from taking your business to the next level? Heather will teach you how a research-backed, psychospiritual approach that focuses on connecting Self (higher consciousness) and our sub-personalities can free you in business and in bed!

Heidi Medina

Connect with purpose and turn your online connections into clients!

Heidi, a Social Selling Strategist, helps coaches & businesses stand

out, build authority, and generate leads using engaging content,

conversations, and live events (NO ick!).

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Averil Maher

Averil combines sound business principles, innovative problem solving and the study of Coaching, High Performance, NLP and Neuroscience into her Business Coaching Framework to help you remove any resistance to making more money, clearing the path for you to achieve financial success with grace and ease, knowing you deserve it.

Talia Davis

Talia is a PR Expert and author with a background in International Business, who builds influential brands using her proven public relations systems across the globe. She’s going to help you learn how you can take your business to the next level with proper PR strategy!

Danielle Gaebel

Danielle is showing up to help you live your superfine life by going from stuck to unstoppable!

Learn how to release your anxiety, stress, fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, and people-pleasing so you can connect to your higher self (your true self) and create the life and business of your dreams.

Chantall McDougall

Women heart-based business owners work with Chantal to reach the people who need to hear their messages, voice and services. Chantal will teach you to become more visible, build connections with your audience, authentically show up online, confidently promote your services to grow your income and business with her proprietary process.

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Siera Sambrosky

A seasoned spiritual counselor and business Alchemist, Siera brings two decades of business consulting experience and intuitive insight to blend practical strategies with mystical wisdom and uncover where you and your business are stuck. Unravel the knots holding you and your business back, paving the way for a confident new beginning!

Ashleigh Sinclaire

Ashleigh is a transformational storyteller, relationship mentor and irreverent provocateur. After caring for her mother, the last 4 years of her life, she’s written and produced a one woman show, “the mother monologues - a love story”. Ashleigh will guide you to transform your mother triggers into a greater capacity to love, laugh and lead.

De'Nicea Harper

De’Nicea is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant who helps you empower yourself through PLAY-- the Potential in Learning About YourSelf! She’s going to help you to enjoy this life and to carry out your Soul’s Purpose to grow, evolve and come into your Wholeness in your very own Perfect Personal Healing Journey.

Lynn Sanders

Lynn is the powerhouse behind Difference Makers Media, where she helps entrepreneurs strategically create, tell and share their stories to grow their revenue. She’ll be sharing trade secrets from the world of writing, publishing, video interviews and marketing.

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Laura Rotter

Abundance isn't just about accumulating more wealth, but about employing wealth to do the things you most value. Laura passionately shares her financial planning process, which will guide you toward decisions that integrate the attainment of both financial security AND life satisfaction.

Amanda Brown

Amanda Jane is on a mission to cultivate authentic leadership practices and workplace cultures that allow you to change the world without burning out in the process. She serves as a guide and pathmaker with a unique blend of expertise, creativity and passion.

Kaitlyn David

Armed with over 15 years of marketing experience and a deep commitment to mindfulness, Kaitlyn is here to help you build a business and life on your terms. Her coaching goes beyond strategies and tactics – it's about understanding your shadows, cultivating self-compassion, and building the unshakeable confidence needed for transformative change.

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...and I’m Valarie

I’m on a mission to grow global consciousness by connecting people to the holistic wellness resources they want and need. As co-founder of WellNest Global, one way that I do that is by working closely alongside holistic entrepreneurs to sharpen their skills, create community, and support them in visibility.

The I AM The Brand Business Accelerator is co-created to empower holistic entrepreneurs so that they can empower others. I’ll be by your side throughout the 90 day container to support, encourage, and inspire you with bonus sessions and general interaction! Let’s do this!


Never go into hiding again. Never doubt yourself or your passion.

“Stuck” and “stagnant” are no longer in your vocabulary. You are a powerful creator.

Asian Woman Playing Guitar at Beautiful Field Grass. Bohemian St

Your purpose isn’t meant to be lost and forgotten. Your path is to share your gifts, talents, and passions with the world and to make a great living doing it while loving your business AND your life!

Your destiny is to lead the world to light and love doing it.